Builder's report. Building inspection. House check. Property check. Building survey. All different names for the same service provided by your property inspector and all titles that essentially provide the same thing – your peace of mind.

Your pre-purchase property inspection is one of the most important steps you can take when you buy your new home.

Focused Property Inspection offers just that: a focused inspection of buildings to determine the condition and identify any areas that may require significant remedial work or significant maintenance, now or in the near future. We pride ourselves on providing an efficient, unbiased, accurate independent assessment of the property’s condition on the day we inspect it. We’ll determine the current condition of your property and identify any problems that may require significant remedial work, either now or in the near future.

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Building Defect assessments

Earthquake and Environmental damage assessments

Building compliance and non-consented building work assessments

Pre-purchase/sale House checks

Weathertightness and Leaky Building  investigations     

We also do specialist investigations of buildings and properties. Enquire now if you have a specific need. 

Registered and Qualified Property Inspector

Focused Property Inspection offer a qualified professional building surveying service. In an unregulated industry, like pre-purchase inspections, it’s important to use qualified professionals as insurance companies, financiers and banks may not accept an unqualified condition report.

Our North Canterbury property inspector, Allan Charles, will check any building or house for damage. Focused Property Inspection provide a full and complete builder's report with every property check. We can check all properties for any earthquake damage. Our earthquake inspection will check both earthquake damage and any existing repairs. We will also survey the floors to obtain levels information.

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Our Guarantee

We guarantee a qualified professional building surveying service, from a registered Building Surveyor. We guarantee you a clear, accurate condition report that clearly indicates the areas that may require work now or in the future. Our North Canterbury property inspector provides a timely, unbiased, accurate and independent check.

Focused Property Inspection offers just that: a focused, complete and detailed check of any property. 

We report the condition of the property on the day we inspect it. You can rely on our report to give you a true assessment of the property's condition. The report will give you the information you need to help you buy a new property with confidence.

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