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Focused Property Inspection Ltd

A Focused property inspector offers qualified, professional service. Most lenders and/or insurance companies require a pre-purchase builder’s report when you buy a property. This means that in an unregulated industry, like pre-purchase inspections, it’s important to use qualified professionals to ensure the report you get is accepted. A Focused Property Inspection report is clear, concise, and written in plain English. With Focused Property Inspection, you won't waste time and money on an unrecognised report.

Focused Property Inspection is in the business of giving home buyers peace of mind.

Defects and problems are often hidden or unseen. We dig deeper into the property than just a visual survey. It includes getting down and dirty under floors, sometimes using our special robot, and crawling around in ceiling cavities and scanning for moisture issues. We find and identify any issues with the property, and report them to the home buyer accurately.

We provide a ‘snap shot’ of the property so you are aware of any existing or potential problems. With our report you can be confident that you are buying what you think you are buying, at the price you are happy with, and can build in an accurate budget for repairs and maintenance or ask the vendor to do repairs as a condition of sale. We focus on the facts, and provide you with accurate information so you can make an informed decision.

Focused Property Inspection offers just that: a focused inspection of buildings to determine the condition and identify any areas

that may require significant remedial work or significant maintenance, now or in the near future.

We are located in North Canterbury, and cover the wider Canterbury area from Kaikoura to Ashburton.

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Allan Charles, North Canterbury Property Inspector.

Our North Canterbury property inspector, Allan, is our North Canterbury-based building surveyor, registered with the New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors and Master Inspection Association of New Zealand. He founded Focused Property Inspection based on his values: honesty, clarity and no surprises.

More information about the NZ Institute of Building Surveyors can be found here;

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Buying a property can be one of the most important decisions you will make in a life time. Allan comes from a qualified carpentry background and has a Diploma in Building Surveying. He has completed over 3000 property inspections. 

Allan prides himself on providing an accurate, independent assessment of the property’s condition.

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