Other Investigations and Reports

Our qualified North Canterbury property inspector provides different types of property inspection as well as other specialist investigations. 

If you are unsure which inspection type meets your needs, contact us. We’ll discuss your concerns and your property with you, to ensure you’re getting the most of your property inspection.

Why use a qualified property inspector?

Most lenders and insurance companies require a pre-purchase builder’s report when you buy a property. In an unregulated industry, like pre-purchase inspections, it’s important to use a qualified property inspector as your lender or insurance company may not accept an unrecognised builder's report. Our North Canterbury property inspector is registered with the New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors as a qualified building surveyor.

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About our property inspections

All property inspections and specialist investigations come with a report that is:

  • Accurate and informative – we focus on the facts, so you have knowledge of the property’s current condition and any major maintenance issues.
  • Easy to understand – reports are written in plain English and can be easily read and understood.
  • Recognised – some reports are not accepted by financial institutions and insurance companies. Our reports are guaranteed acceptance, so you don’t waste time and money on an unrecognised report.
  • Professional – inspections and reports are completed by a registered building surveyor with a professional qualification in Building Surveying. Our North Canterbury property inspectors are members of the New Zealand Institute of Building Surveyors.

We offer standard and superior inspections, depending on your requirements. 

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Earthquake Repair Surveys             

The property inspector will check the earthquake repairs and produce a detailed builder's report. The report includes photos and written comments explaining any problems. To obtain a comparison to any repairs already completed, ask for a EQC's Scope of Works assessment and get a report that includes a review of EQC’s findings.

Ask for an earthquake repair survey.

Floor Level Surveys                         

The floor level check involves obtaining spot level readings at many places through-out the ground floor. This report includes a floor plan of the building with plotted spot reading locations and identifies changes to the floor levels. 

The floor level changes, if any, will be provided with comments as to any major change in the floor levels, indicating whether they are within the acceptable range.

Ask for a floor level survey.

Weathertightness/leaky building investigations

Focused Property Inspection can conduct a weathertightness and leaky building check on your building or house.

Ask for a weathertightness check.

Building defect assessments

Our North Canterbury property inspector, Allan Charles, will check any building or house for damage or building defects. Focused Property Inspection provide a full and complete builder's report with every building defect assessment. Our builder's report will include photos of any building defects and a certificate of inspection.

Ask for a building defect assessment.

Non-consented building work assessments

Are you applying for a certificate of acceptance for non-consented building work? Get a non-consented building work assessment.

A builder’s report from our North Canterbury property inspector will assist with your certificate of acceptance application.

Ask for a non-consented building work assessment.


Other specialist investigations

The property inspector also provides other specialist services not described. If you don’t see the service you’re looking for, please contact us to discuss your requirements.